Naples Gated Communities

Gated communities comprise a large portion of the Naples Florida area. Many of the gated communities have a guard at the gate, others have a speaker to a remote guard, and others have a mechanical gate where residents enter a personal code. The most expensive housing in Naples is not gated, while several very affordable neighborhoods are gated.

Naples is safe and has a low crime rate. Probably 99% of residents inside gated communities grew up in non-gated neighborhoods and maybe not as safe as Naples. So why is so much of the Naples area gated? The purpose of gates:

  • Provides a level of "Security and Comfort."
  • Keeps sightseers from driving through the community.
  • Keeps solicitors out.
  • Adds of level of "Prestige" to the community.

 Gated communities range from thousands of residents, to just a handful. The larger gated communities also have security patrols.

Gate at Treviso Bay
A few of Naples larger gated communities, such a Pelican Marsh, have gated communities within the main gate. Meaning some owners have to pass through the main gate, and then through another gate to their subdivision. I joke that the second gate keeps those criminals living within the main gate out. The real reason for the second gate is to keep the main gate sightseers out.
For Naples, gated communities started becoming popular in the 1980s, and by the 2000s it was rare for any new development not to be gated. And most of these have a guard at the gate.

The green shaded areas on the map below represents regions in the North Naples area that are behind gates. The gated area is larger than the non-gated area.
North Naples Gated Areas
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