Naples Real Estate Report

Year 2020 was a another recorded setting residential sales pace for Naples Fl. July 2020 had more home resales (sales of existing homes), than any other July, and every month since, has set a record number of sale.

These record sales months are the result of a perfect storm: low lending rates, historic stock market gains, and the flight from Northern cities and states.
2020 homes sales started out strong, until the Covid 19 pandemic hit. Starting in early March, Naples home sales plummeted, but only for a short period of time. Starting in May, Naples home sales began its quick bounced back, and then sales reach their monthly setting sale records. 

2021 January Home Sales

Naples homes in January 2021 continued the on going recorded setting levels, but at an accelerated pace. Naples January 2021 sales are 60% higher then January 2020 record sales level.

Home sales are strong in all home types, sectors and communities.

Naples Homes Sales Price Distribution

While home sales have been at record levels, the percent of homes selling for less than $250,000, is greater than the percentages during the housing boom years of 2005 and 2006.
Overall average homes sales in year 2020 increase 15% over year 2019. This increase is similar to the home price gains in year 2013 to 2015.

While 15% is a large year over year gain, it is still far below the 30% gains experience during housing bubble years.

January 2021 record number of homes sales, also resulted in a large increase in the average selling price, at 21% higher than January 2020 average selling price.

The 21% monthly, year over year price increase, ranks among the highest ever experienced in the Naples area.. 
Naples Average Home Prices
Naples Condo and Single Family Sales

Single Family Homes vs Condos

Single family homes sales lead the 2019 sales growth with a 10% increase in homes sales. Condos sales held steady with a 1% increase.

Prices for both single family homes and condos dipped slightly with single family homes prices down 3% and condo down 1%.
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