Naples Outdoor Activities


Beach and Water

With 16 miles of easy access beaches and over 100 miles of shoreline, it is easy to see why beach and water is the number one activity in the Naples area. Water sports such a fishing, boating, sailing and kayaking are big outdoor activities in Naples. Fishing is great in the backwaters and out in the Gulf of Mexico. 10,000 Island Nation Park can be easily reached by routes through connecting backwaters.

There are plenty of fishing guide in the area, several working out of the City Dock. Group charter fishing boats go out of Tin City on the Naples Bay every day. The Naples Pier has a regular group of fisherman.

The Naples Bay, and other bays within Naples provide many residents with gulf access out their back doors. There are marinas for boaters that do not have gulf access and several boat clubs, where members have choices in what type of boat they would like to take out.
Naples City Dock


Coming in at a close second, if not number one, is golf. With over 70 golf courses, totaling over 10,000 rounds a day in season, makes for a very popular activity.

Naples is not a vacation golf destination such Orlando or Myrtle beach. The majority of the golf courses in Naples are private membership, and not open to public play. The handful of public play golf course are connected to hotels or resorts.

Naples residents who like to golf, are most likely part of a private membership golf club.

Shopping / Dining / Nightlife

Naples shopping and dining districts are very popular both during the daytime and at night. Beside Naples main shopping and dining destinations, Naples also has many fine dining and unique boutiques scattered throughout the Naples areas.
Mercato Shopping District
Barefoot Beach Trail

Other Activities

Much of the activity is done in communities where residents live. These can include beach, golf, dining, tennis, swimming, pickleball, boating, hiking, community activities, and much more.

Other destination activities include:

  • Naples Zoo
  • Naples Botanical Garden
  • Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
  • Naples Conservatory
  • Naples Many Parks
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