Naples Land Area

One of the first things to understand about the Naples area, is that it is expansive. The City of Naples, represents just a small section of those with a Naples Florida address. A resident with a Naples address could be 35 miles from the beach and City.

Unincorporated Collier County

Those living in the outlined area of this southwest Florida map have a Naples address. Only 20,000 resident live within the City of Naples. All other residents live in unincorporated areas of Collier county. Collier county is the governing jurisdiction, that provides water, fire protection, safety, etc.

Those doing a home search for Naples, will get results from this entire area. So it is best to understand the home search process, which would include homes in an area that is over 700 square miles.

Those living outside the City of Naples represents 95% of Naples residents.

Naples Area vs Los Angeles

To put in perspective the vastness of the Naples area, the map on the right shows the city of Los Angeles, with an outline overlay of the Naples area.
  • The Naples area is 704 square miles.
  • The city of Los Angeles is 502 square miles.
Doing a home search for Naples Florida will return results from an area that is greater in size than the city of Los Angeles
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